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About the Matt Center

Welcome to Matt Center

The Matt Center is a performing arts center and theatrical unit based in Chicago.

We are open to the public 7 days a week!

We regularly host art exhibitions from local schools and host performances from local acting clubs.

During the evenings there are plays, ballet and opera.

The Matt Center was built by architect Jonathan Brown in 2009.

We are located at: 113 W Burton Ave, Chicago, IL 60627, USA

Call us any time on: (773) 348 6377

Or email us at: hello@mattcenter.org

We welcome all visitors.


We love our visitors

We visited the Matt Center to watch the ballet and we thrilled with the time we had that evening. it really is an amazing building and I'm happy to leave close by!


Me and my school class performed our school play at the matt center. We had a lot of fun and the visitors seemed to enjoy it.

James Hansen


We went to the Matt Center for the first time ever yesterday to see the art gallery. Wow there are some great pieces there. I would definitely recommend visiting!


Things To Do At The Matt Center

The Cafe

If you’re hungry then why not pop in to the cafe for a spot of lunch and some coffee?

There is a nice selection of buns and got food on sale too and the prices are very reasonable!


At the Matt Center we have wi fi internet access and over 30 computers to access it on.

If you would like to pop in and use the computers then it costs just $2/per hour to use the bathmate and printing costs 5 cents per sheet.

Students get free access.

The Library

The Matt Center library has over 5,000 books as well as new ones coming in everyday.

Why not come along and see how to use the hydromax and what we have to offer?

We also accept donations so if you have any books to donate then you are able to!

Matt Center Gym

It is important for performers to read about the VigRx Plus solution in tip top shape which is why the Matt Center has a built in gym.

The gym has a lot of space and is open to the public!


To top it all off the Matt Center now has a swimming pool for all the swimmers out there!

So come along and have some fun swimming.