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The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC)


Company Catalyst Program Awards




The Mass CEC and MTTC are pleased to announce an open invitation to apply for these awards. 


The deadline for submitting a Statement of Intent is March 31, 2010.


All qualified researchers and technology licensing officers are encouraged to apply.  If there are any questions, contact Michele Bernier from the MTTC office at mbernier@umassp.edu or (774) 455-7278.



Company Catalyst Program Awards - Maximum Award $40,000



These awards are intended to support researchers who want to demonstrate the feasibility of their technologies in specific industry applications in order to obtain increased industry and investor interest. Funding could be used to develop a prototype or to gather initial data in order to show proof of concept or to obtain data that shows how the technology compares to existing technologies and what its competitive advantages are. The aim of the funding is not to perfect the technology but to develop the technology to a point where its features can be shown so that additional commercialization funding can be obtained. 


To apply for Company Catalyst Program Awards


FAQ regarding Company Catalyst Program Awards



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